We work with you throughout all three stages, assisting and guiding you, allowing your concept to flourish.

Pre Production:

This stage is all about thinking about your ideas and developing a plan before shooting starts. Every production is unique and yours will be too. MediaSphere Productions analyses your original ideas and the direction you are going so that we understand where you are coming from and singing from the same song sheet! We then work with you to fulfil these. During pre-production, the video is designed and planned. the idea and script is broken down into individual scenes and all the locations, props, cast members, timing and visual effects are identified.

Important things to remember:

Concept. Remember your concept. Keep it in mind throughout your pre-production planning process.
Script. Like with most creative endeavors, a lot of the most important work you do in producing a video is done on paper. Your script is the flushing out of your concept. Even if you don't need a formal script, you should write something down.

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In production, the film is created and shot. This is where MediaSphere jump to the forefront and you take a back seat. Our crews are composed of industry professionals with years of experience. Here your idea begins to grow and come together. Some elements are out of our control (no matter how hard we try) for example, if you want to shoot outside this may be weather dependent and we may need a backup plan just incase!

Post Production

This stage encapsulates all of the above and turns it into something wonderful. Typically, the post-production phase of creating a video takes longer than the actual shooting of the film and this is due to the intricate detail involved. At MediaSphere Productions we work with clients to see the production through, inviting you to give feedback as we go (should you wish to). We use Final Cut studio to bring the 'wow' factor and allow your masterpiece to life. MediaSphere are experienced in all delivery formats. Is your production going on air? online? on a specific tape / dvd format? Do you need duplication services? Let us know and we can work our magic!

Thanks for letting us introduce ourselves, we look forward to working together!

Go widescreen? Video in general is slowly moving away from a square aspect ratio (like old TVs) to widescreen. Traditional TV is presented in a 4:3 aspect ratio while HDTV and much more modern Web video is moving to a wider ratio of 16x9.


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